#SavingLincoln launches Motion Poster on Election Day – new Abraham Lincoln Movie Trailer

“Saving Lincoln,” a new independent film about Abraham Lincoln that employs unique visuals and transmedia storytelling, provides a sneak peak with the launch of its motion poster on Election Day 2012.

Based on a true story and filmed entirely on a green screen stage, “Saving Lincoln” explores Lincoln’s fiery trial as Commander-in-Chief from the perspective of his closest friend and bodyguard, US Marshal Ward Hill Lamon. The colorful Lamon was a Southerner who saved the 16th President from multiple assassination attempts, beginning shortly after he was elected in 1860.

To tell such a wide-ranging story on an indie budget, director Salvador Litvak created virtual sets and locations out of actual Civil War era photographs, using a process he calls CineCollage. “The vintage photos are not just backgrounds in ‘Saving Lincoln,’” says Litvak. “They are 3D environments that inform Lamon’s tale as much as house it.”

The film has gained tens of thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter through the course of its production and visual effects post-production. Audiences have engaged with Marshal Lamon’s trove of stories about Lincoln on Twitter.com/SavingLincoln, as well as the filmmakers’ abundant historical and photographic research, which they are sharing on Facebook.com/SavingLincoln.

“Saving Lincoln” will launch a crowd funding campaign this December as part of its distribution plan to release the film in early 2013, coinciding with Lincoln’s birthday. To find out more visit SavingLincoln.com and Facebook.com/SavingLincoln. To read Marshal Lamon’s stories, visit Twitter.com/SavingLincoln or SavingLincoln.com/diaries.html.

“Saving Lincoln” stars Tom Amandes (Everwood), Lea Coco (J. Edgar), Penelope Ann Miller (The Artist), Bruce Davison (X-Men), Josh Stamberg (J. Edgar), Saidah Arrika Ekulona (The Royal Tenenbaums) and Creed Bratton (The Office).

To view the Motion Poster on November 6th 2012 visit Facebook.com/SavingLincoln and SavingLincoln.com.

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